• Keeping Dave’s Legacy Alive: Supporting Young Ski Athletes & Entrepreneurs


The Dave Goode Memorial Foundation

Mission: The Dave Goode Memorial Foundation’s mission is to provide support to young water skiers and entrepreneurs.

To keep Dave’s legacy alive, the foundation aims to empower and support water ski athletes and entrepreneurs; whether it be on the dock, in the classroom, or creating something new. Dave’s legacy will shine through the young athletes he was motivated by and believed in.


About Dave Goode

“My relationship with Dave Goode started back in 1995 when he introduced himself to me, a Girls 1 skier with fire in my eye and a glimpse of the potential I had. Fast forward through the years and with the incredible support from Dave I have become a 13 time world record holder and 10 time World Champion. Over the past several years I have seen him continue to support up and coming juniors wanting to take their performance to the next level like he did with me years ago. 

Through this foundation we will continue to provide support to juniors to honor the vision and passion Dave showed to so many young skiers just like me back in 1995.”

- Regina Jaquess

About Your Donation

Dave Wholeheartedly Believed that together these 3 Things Make a Champion:

1. Mindset      2. Innate Talent     3. Equipment

Who Does the Foundation Serve?

Whether you are a young skier or an aspiring innovator/entrepreneur, we are here to support you. First and foremost, Dave felt that the best way he could help people was with equipment. He was dedicated to making the best equipment so that athletes could perform to their full potential. He was constantly tweaking and adjusting his athlete’s equipment based on their feedback in order to make sure they had the VERY BEST equipment under their feet. 

Dawn can share story after story of how Dave obsessed over what the skis were doing on the water. Dave basically had a photographic memory, which allowed him to remember every single detail that would inform equipment improvements. You would see him videoing people water skiing at almost every event he attended, as an athlete, a sponsor or just a spectator. When he returned home, he would spend hours analyzing the footage to help him tweak or develop entirely new technologies in order for the equipment to perform at new levels.

The Foundation strives to carry on Dave’s legacy by inspiring and supporting a new generation of athletes and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

“I remember the first time I spoke with Dave in 2004 when I was looking for a better ski. He sent me one and I was immediately hooked, since then Dave was there for me not only as my equipment provider but as a friend and mentor. He was an icon and a huge part of my career success.”

- Thomas Degasperi

“It is not possible to sum up the influence Dave Goode has had on my life. Dave asserted his influence on my skiing career in 1995 when he introduced himself to a young Girls 1 skier with pigtails. He immediately noticed the fire in my eye and always believed in my potential from an early age.”

- Regina Jaquess

"My relationship with Dave & Dawn began in 2002 and our friendship grew over the years. I would meet up with them in Vail almost every year for a nice dinner and a day of skiing. I was lucky enough to ski with Dave last December before he passed and will always remember him as an amazing human being that I was fortunate to call my friend."

- Kilian Albrecht